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Adult Teams

Adult Basketball Teams

Looking to embrace the exhilarating world of basketball? Look no further than the Belmont Saints Basketball Club, where the love for the game knows no age limits! We extend a warm invitation to adults of all skill levels who are eager to join the action on the court. At Belmont Saints, we firmly believe that basketball is not just for the kids – it’s a sport that can be enjoyed and appreciated by individuals of all ages.

Our adult teams provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned player itching to make a comeback after a hiatus or a newcomer eager to try your hand at the game, we have a spot reserved just for you. The club boasts multiple teams that cater to varying levels of experience and expertise, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for each member. Joining our adult teams at Belmont Saints isn’t just about playing basketball; it’s about staying fit, fostering social connections, and, most importantly, having a blast on the court. So, why let the kids have all the fun? Lace up those sneakers, join our community of adult basketball enthusiasts, and experience the joy of the game firsthand!

Prepare to inject excitement into your week by stepping onto the basketball court with us!

At Belmont Saints Basketball Club, we’re dedicated to transforming those mundane weeknights into the highlight of your week. Picture the thrill of every dribble, pass, and shot echoing through the court, turning a routine evening into a dynamic and exhilarating experience. Playing ball with us isn’t just about the game; it’s about creating lasting memories, forming friendships, and finding joy in the spirited competition.

Joining is a breeze – you can become a part of the action at any time throughout the year. Simply shoot us an email at

Game Days

Night Games

– Men A Grade
– Men Vets A
– Men Vets B
Night Games

– Men B Grade
– Men C Grade
Night Games

– Ladies A
– Ladies B
Night Games

– Men A Grade
– Men B Grade
– Men C Grade

Registration Fees

Registration fees are payable to BQ and Southern Districts Basketball Association before any player can take the court.

  • BQ portion of the rego is $71.01. This is payable once a year.
  • SDBAL portion of the rego is $55.00. This is payable per season.

Season Fees

Belmont Saints does not charge game fees. We simply charge a membership fee of $14.90 weekly via direct debit. Just like a gym membership. This fee covers nomination fees, one forfeit fee and game fees. Once you have set up your direct debit, you just turn up and play each week. Belmont Saints carries out all administration on your behalf. When other teams are low on numbers, we all help each other in our community. No extra fees apply when assisting other teams with adhoc low numbers.


Enhance your basketball experience with a touch of personal style! At Belmont Saints Basketball Club, we offer you the option to elevate your game with a personalized jersey that truly reflects your identity on the court.

For just $45 each*, you can customize your jersey, adding a unique flair to your presence during every game. Express your individuality and make a statement with your choice of numbers, and perhaps even your nickname boldly displayed on the back.

*Conditions apply

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