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Referee Pathways

Referee Pathways

Just like learning to play basketball, learning to referee can be a lot of fun, very rewarding and a great way to earn a few dollars. Our referee program is run by Southern Districts Basketball Association, where you are supported every step whilst on this pathway. The SDBAL referee program facilitates you to ‘ease’ into the learning process.

You start off by joining one of our Beginner Referee Schools, which are run twice per year. We’ll take you through the rules of the game, where to stand (and run!), where you should be looking, and what we do as referees. You then get to ‘shadow’ (or follow) a more experienced referee on the court, experiencing what it’s like to be a referee without the pressure of having to make any calls.

As you progress and become more confident, you will move from ‘shadowing’ to refereeing opposite your partner, with a more experienced referee to ‘back-you-up’ on the court. In this way you will be calling the game but still have someone supporting you.

Continued on court practical and theoretical coaching continues as you progress through the different referee grades. Who knows, you might go on to referee QBL or in our National Leagues, or maybe even the Olympics?

To find out more about refereeing at Southern Districts Basketball, contact the referee development manager by email

Become A Referee

With basketball competitions unfolding across the state year-round, a plethora of opportunities beckon for individuals eager to step into the roles of referees, score table officials, or statisticians. The dynamic nature of the sport ensures a constant demand for officiating personnel, creating a welcoming environment for those interested in contributing to the game in diverse capacities. Whether you aspire to enforce the rules on the court, manage the intricacies of the score table, or analyze and record game statistics, there’s a role for every enthusiast seeking to play a vital part in the thriving basketball community.

Becoming a referee opens the door to a fulfilling journey of upholding fair play, ensuring adherence to the rules, and fostering a positive and competitive atmosphere during games. Score table officials, on the other hand, play a pivotal role in maintaining accurate records of scores, fouls, and player substitutions, contributing significantly to the smooth flow of the competition. For those inclined towards data analysis and insight generation, the position of a statistician offers an engaging avenue to capture and interpret the nuances of player performance, contributing valuable insights to the teams and the basketball community at large. Embrace the opportunity to be an integral part of the vibrant basketball landscape by exploring these diverse and rewarding roles in officiating and statistics.