Score Bench Responsibilities

In adherence to the junior domestic rules, each club team bears the responsibility of assigning one parent or guardian per game to undertake scorebench duties. This mandatory requirement is implemented to ensure the smooth functioning of game operations and uphold the standards of fair play. By having a designated individual from each team involved in the scorebench duties, it not only streamlines the process but also fosters a sense of community engagement within the club. This shared responsibility not only contributes to the efficient management of game-related tasks but also reinforces the importance of active participation and collaboration among the team members and their families.

The assigned parent or guardian taking on scorebench duties during a game has the crucial task of either controlling the game tablet or managing the game clock. Their role involves entering information provided by the referees accurately, which includes recording scores, fouls, timeouts, and other essential game-related data. By distributing these responsibilities among the teams, the league ensures a fair and standardized approach to scorekeeping, promoting a sense of fairness and transparency in junior domestic basketball competitions. This system not only enhances the overall experience for players and spectators but also cultivates a culture of shared responsibility and community involvement within the junior basketball community.