Become a coach

Whether you are wanting to coach your own child or looking for a development program to expand your existing skills, Belmont Saints can easily provide opportunity and support you on this pathway.

there are 4 great benefits of being a basketball coach

Coaching is Fun and Empowering

Coaching is EMPOWERING

What’s better than watching the kid who could barely dribble a ball when you started, become your team’s top team player? As a coach, you get to see these kinds of transformations on a regular basis, knowing that you were a part of that transformation. It’s empowering to help kids grow as individuals and as a team.

You’ll gain new leadership skills as you go and help your players find their place and personalities. As an added bonus, coaching can be just plain fun when the players are having a blast on the field or court. When your team wins, you’ll feel a sense of achievement and get to enjoy your players’ satisfaction and confidence in their own skills.

Create Lifelong Relationships

Lifelong Relationships

The kids you coach and help on your team won’t forget the role you played in their lives. Years later, you may still be in contact with them or their parents. These valuable relationships can show you why it’s so important that team sports exist-and why good coaches shape lives.
Become a mentor to the youth

mentor to the youth

Coaches are mentors, first and foremost, and they need to remember that every moment. While it’s easy to get caught up in the adrenaline of a game, a good coach has to make little decisions all the time about what the individual player needs. As a mentor, building kids up and giving them the tools they need to succeed is top priority.

Ultimately, people choose to become youth coaches because they love it. They love giving back, helping kids excel, and mentoring the next generation. Unlike so many other jobs, coaching has real meaning, and great coaches make a positive impact on every player they encounter. As a coach, the greatest reward is the personal impact you’ll make on other human beings every day you’re on the field.

personal self development

personal development

You’d be surprised to learn how many skills you improve as a coach. You might think that you’re only helping your team improve their game and their social skills, but the truth is that you’ll inevitably go through some personal self-development as well.

Being a youth coach forces you to grow and get creative. When you’re working with kids, you can’t lose your temper, which teaches you new methods of dealing with irritation and conflict. It’s important to lead with patience and be a calm presence, even when you’re angry or frustrated (working with kids, it definitely happens). You’ll need to adapt and hone your ability to change your tone, learn to use good negotiation tactics, and above all, communicate.

On-going Coaching Development

Basketball Queensland (BQ), in partnership with our Associations and Clubs, host a number of coaching accreditation courses and events throughout the year.

BQ currently facilitate the Community, Club & Association accreditation and are working with BA to reinstate further accreditation pathways.

Coaching pathways

This is the first step in your coaching pathway and is designed to help prepare coaches across all sports for what to expect in their role.
This is the first basketball specific accreditation in your coaching journey and touches on how to develop individual skills as well as basic team concepts.
This is a more in-depth accreditation aimed at experienced coaches and includes presentations on advanced tactics as well as improving some of the on court competencies of a coach.
This is a National level accreditation for coaches involved with high level representative teams and development squads; or for Queensland Coaches who derive a part or casual income through player development opportunities, paid team coaching or school based coach employment.
The Master Coach accreditation program is driven, coordinated and managed by Basketball Australia and coach candidates require endorsement from a State/Territory basketball association or national league club to participate in the program.

In addition to this, Belmont Saints Basketball is committed to the continued the development of their coaches (for those who want to develop), through our own regular development programs, tailored to the read and react style of play.