Basketball Connect

Basketball Connect is a user-friendly platform created for the Queensland basketball community. It simplifies the administration, management, and enjoyment of basketball by offering a comprehensive technology solution. From easy registration to a match day app, Basketball Connect covers all technical aspects, making the entire basketball experience more accessible and enjoyable for the entire Basketball Queensland community.

The Basketball Connect match day app offers significant benefits including:

  • Easy to find matches with google locations
  • Automated notifications when matches are postponed, cancelled, moved or forfeited
  • Ability to communicate with your entire Basketball community via notifications, email or the news feature
  • In-app chat function which can be used by administrators, coaches, and team managers removing the need for Whatsapp and TeamApp
  • Electronic match day player sign-on
  • Ability for coaches and team managers to organise training, team events and other activities in app
  • Ability for players to respond with their availability for matches and training
  • Integrated eCommerce function
  • Detail match and player statistics
  • Real-time Draw and Ladder
  • Real-time incident tracking


Basketball Connect

Access your teams draws, results and ladders directly from your phone via the Basketball Connect app.