Coaching the Coaches with Be Elite Basketball

“No rest for the wicked” they say! Our coaches have been very busy during this period working on the development of their own skills. The club has substantially invested into a new coaching development program and it was presented and delivered by Tom Haupt from Be Elite Basketball.

8 Sessions have been specifically tailored towards coaches with young developing teams, but also for those coaches with much older more experienced teams, and based around a “read and react” style of play.The read and react offense is one of the more popular offensive philosophies in basketball programs. It teaches players to play with principle rather than learn set plays. This system has players learn different “layers” of progressions until they’re mastered. That’s when players can move to the next layer.

The offence is differentiated from a “motion” offence because it does stipulate specific actions that a player is to take and in the “read and react” offence – the key is what the person with the ball does. Players without the ball act based upon the action of the ball handler. In contrast, a “motion offence” teaches players to react both to their defender and also to the movement and position of their teammates.I’d like to thank all those players who came along when required to help deliver these sessions from time to time.

The club is certainly working towards creating pathways for coaches to develop their skills. We also want to keep our training session rich in development but also fun and engaging. Massive THANK YOU to Tom from Be Elite Basketball for making these session so awesome to attend. THANK YOU to the coaches for giving up their Sundays to attend these sessions.

The sessions were videoed by Adam at Richey.Design and placed onto the Belmont Saints Coaches Portal on the website. This material can be accessed by our coaches whenever they need it.